Improving Your Photography Game By Making The Ordinary Extraordinary

 Rewind back several years, when blogging had barely become a word, let alone a profession. Where posts could almost get away with having not images in, as long as the writing was good enough to engage people. But fast forward to modern day, to a Pinterest and Instagram filled world, smartphones with better lenses than a lot of digital cameras, and photography and images are all over the blogosphere. Now your posts need to have images in for people to stay engage, regardless of the content sometimes. But if you worry that your photography isn’t up to scratch, and you find yourself using stock images more often than not, then it is time to step up your photography game. Your blog will thank you for it!

Improve Your Editing

No one is going to take the perfect image straightaway. Even if the light needs to be adjusted slightly or you need to crop part of the photo off, a basic knowledge of an editing program is really key to getting some Pinterest-worthy images. The good news is that you don’t need expensive editing software to edit your photos. Most computers will have a basic editing package, as well as many online tools that are free to use. In my experience, LightRoom, PicMonkey, and Canva are some of the best to use. Keep photos light and bright in order for them to stand out the best on the page. And one of the most important things; keep your photos large. No one wants to see small photos all wrapped in text.

Enroll on a Course

If you’re very much a beginner at blog photography, then it could be worth getting yourself enrolled in some photography courses to hone your skills. They can be pretty inexpensive to do. So if you really want to get into it, and have a passion for it, then it could be really worth it. There are may blogger conferences in the UK that also offer workshops as part of the day. So if photography is a priority to you, then make sure that you book onto those classes. A hands-on workshop can be just what you need to improve!

The Rule of Thirds

You will find many of the most successful bloggers or social media influencers use the rule of thirds when it comes to their photos. This is where a standard landscape photograph is divided into three. Making sure that the main focus on your image doesn’t take up the whole image is really important. If the main focus of the image is only in one or two of the thirds, then you’re going to be onto a good thing. It helps the photos to look much less cluttered which is much easier on the eye.

Use Natural Light

Where possible, it is best to get plenty of natural light for your photos. If you’re out in a park in the middle of the day, then that will work out fine. But often at home, you might need to choose the room in the house that gets the most light. You might need to ‘stage’ the shot, but it will look much better than if you take it in one of the darkest rooms.



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