I'll spend what I like for Christmas. Thanks.

I read an article a few days ago that said, in the bare bones of it, that parents should consider buying their children less, because other parents might not be able to afford to spend the same on their children. It really pissed me off.

Don’t get me wrong now, I understand that we can’t all buy a PS4, Wii U, PSP and so on. I get that sometimes it’s a stretch to cover the cost of food sometimes, never mind a big Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. You know how I understand? Because one year, in fact only four years ago, I sat alone in an unfurnished house eating fucking cold pasta out of a half price tub. I understand what it is like to only be able to pick up the deals from Argos on benefit day. I have sat and counted out electric, gas, food for a week and gifts out of about £80.

I saw plenty of children getting a fucktonne (that is an actual measurement) of gifts, parents all rosy cheeked and sweaty from standing in queues for hours picking up extra gifts. I never once thought – I wish their kids were getting less so mine wouldn’t feel bad. Never. Did I wish I could get her more of the things she wanted? Yes. Could I? No. Not at that point. Did I try? Yes, but I made sure my bills were all paid first and then used what was left. There was never going to be a point in which is was smart to not pay a bill in order to buy a gift.

This isn’t a preach coming from no where. I get it. I’ve done it. I still have the taste of cold, out of date pasta in my mouth.

Fast forward to now. I have a heap of piles under the tree already. I also have a bigger house, Mr is in a much higher paid job. It wasn’t an accident, we worked hard, we went through days with nothing to get here. It wasn’t easy so I’m not even going to pretend it was. We have gone from having nothing at all to everything we need, and, then we moved on to the things we want.

So when I read these articles where some parents  are judging those who ‘over spend’, and give their children ‘too much’, that we should think about the rest of the children who might not get as much, that we should pretend that Santa has given small gifts and we, the parents, gave the big ones to even it out for everyone I think no. Not a chance will I spent less than I feel like, not a chance I will pretend that Santa has given less, not a hope in hell of me not buying ridiculous things. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and to be honest, not even three quid in my pocket and nor was Mr Mojo. He once got a wrapped nappy as a gift and I once had a cardboard set of draws the size of a pen. You think I didn’t have a great day? I had the best day. The dinner was shit, I got no gifts worth more than a few quid but I drank hot chocolate with my parents watching Christmas movies. Eldest has also had Christmas day filled with nothing but hot chocolate and movies too she still thinks they were as awesome as the ones filled with all the newest electrical stuff.

Some kids are greedy 

That is more of a problem if you ask me.

So, this year I have as normal, stayed within my budget which has just so happened to grow with hard work. Next year if we are back to nothing then I will be budgeting out of nothing. My point is, as the title suggests – I will spend exactly whatever the bloody hell I like on my children and hopefully continue to raise them in a way that they appreciate the sentiment of the holidays more than a day of gifts.


Oh and Eldest’s MUST HAVE gift was a £2.50 bunny set.


Merry Christmas

P.S We donate time, clothes, toys, food, pet food and money to many charities and fundraisers and will continue to do so for as long as we are able.


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