I think I'm a Freesia

I was in the garden a few minutes ago, I took Middle kid out with me. Our garden is over grown, filled with bees, butterflies and bugs. It’s also loaded with surprises. This is our first summer in a house with a garden and the people who lived here before had a plan for his garden. Once something begins to fade, another plant will pop up in it’s place. We’ve had glorious Tulips, bright pink Poppies, we are currently enjoying onions beetroots, potatoes, herbs and have a large (over grown) apple tree which is so filled with fruit I don’t know what I’m going to do with it all.

 The brightness from the garden is being provided by lots of tall, red Freesias with giant green leaves. They bow and sway in the wind and look quite delicate, but have stood tall through the storms and continue to flower and sprout and pop up daily. The stems aren’t particularly thick, they aren’t held up by bamboo or even have the privileged of leaning against something a little stronger.

 Something I think you learn, by watching your garden is how short everything really is. The term ‘life is short’ is banded around and that is fine, but moments are ever shorter. As I sit enjoying the cycle of my new garden I can no longer see that the Tulips I boasted about; the vibrant colours lasted only weeks. Their petals fell to the ground and they were replaced by others and so on. And how, if you are prone to letting your mind wander, that you are in fact very similar to some of the many flowers in your garden. I’m not a Tulip, I haven’t exploded colour and vivid beauty on the world (yet) and then faded into the background, I’m not a Poppy either. Poppies have huge seed pods and when they are done they leave so much behind you can enjoy it for years (yet). I’m not the apple tree, filled with fruits, seeds and a home to hundreds. I think I just might be a Freesia. I’m there, I’m colourful and I bend in bad weather but I never quite break.

And I’m okay with that.

I shared pictures of the Freesias in my last photography post (don’t click link if you’re on mobile I forgot to resize the images – slow loader). So today rather than share traditionally beautiful floral snaps I’m sharing the other side.

 I’m sharing the bit where some of the garden has died (for now), some of it has been eaten but the snails I am so fond of. These two shots are by far my favourite. I find the changes quite stunning and the shapes that the snails leave behind are wonderful. Even the brown skeletal form of the flowers is interesting. I hope you will agree.

If you were a flower, weed or anything that you might find in a garden what would you be? 


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