How we ruin toddlers and why we shouldn't

Toddlers get such a hard time, ‘Terrible twos’, tantrums and miscommunication. As parents we spend hours trying to change them. We spend all of their toddlerhood trying to mould these tiny terrors into what we would deem as socially acceptable to the greater population.

But the thing about toddlers is that the traits that they display openly, and without question are the ones we stamp out of them quickly, and as adult are trying to find the courage to have once again.

Honesty – How many times has your tiny toddler announced to everyone that you did a poo that morning?

Joy – They have a joy for everything, personally I wish I loved anything as much as my toddler loves glitter. They celebrate the small triumphs the same as the big.

Instinct – They have great instincts and are not afraid to share them. If they don’t like someone they just go right ahead and tell them.

Creativity – Hours drawing on your walls, sofa, floors and in places you haven’t even found yet. Playing with food, make-up and sometimes poop.

Energy – Up at five after only falling asleep at midnight. Colour me jealous.

Strength – Have you ever tried to get a toddler to do something they don’t want to do? Stubborn perhaps, but they display a huge amount of strength to stick by their decision.

Fearless – It might get them into trouble sometimes but it takes gumption to launch yourself off the top ladder of the climbing frame.

Understanding – While they may not comprehend every word that is said to them they will try to understand you as best they can. They translate the tone and feeling , and, give you the hug that you probably need.

Helpfulness – Toddlers go over and above to help you if you ask them, I once asked my toddler if should could pass me my toothbrush instead of my pen and she ran upstairs, opening two stair gates, went into the bathroom, used her step to get to the toothbrush holder and on her tiptoes grabbed my brush. When she returned and I explained my mistake, she laughed and get me her ‘best ever’ pen from her pencil case.

Appreciation – When I help my toddler put on her wellingtons I get kisses, hugs and told I’m the best repeatedly. I am not sure I would be so appreciative of those small gestures, I wish I was.

Love – They love, so very purely. You do not have to work for that love, it is already yours. No catch.

After we have successfully moulded all of these traits into more digestible aspects of themselves we are not left with the little bright sparks we had, we no longer have the whirl wind s of energy and life. We are left with what society deem as acceptable in a person. Then as we get older, we spend hundred of pounds and hours on hobbies just trying to dig away to bring back what once was within us so easily. So next time you see your toddler doing things that only toddlers do, instead of taking away their moment – join in. Give them a little bit longer being them, before they have to be the ‘everyone else’.


2 thoughts on “How we ruin toddlers and why we shouldn't

  1. WOW what a powerful post and so true as well. I am really going to try and let my three year old be her normal 3 year old self

    1. I struggle with it sometimes! But then I remember that if I don’t let her be who she is now, then she will spend years trying to find out! xx

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