How to #ClearAPlate

Clearing a plate is easy, here is what you do
Start with a portion of food, only big enough for you,
it can be some left overs, it can be some fresh,
so long as you eat it all your plate can be a mess.
You can do it when you’re a little drunk,
on wine or gin or cheese,
you can put some chocolate on it,
with some whipped cream too (please!),
plan meals in advance,
use money saving tips,
take a shopping list with you.
only buy what you need,
buy just enough to feed.
Look at what you are buying in,
look at what you eat,
have you ever stopped a moment,
to see who lives in your street?
There is a girl down the road from us,
you can tell she doesn’t have much.
I saw her mum in the coop the other day,
she slid some bread up her coat,
then some cheese slices,
at first I thought I should tell someone,
then I thought about if it was me,
stealing is wrong, but so is food poverty,
combine the subjects and I can’t think properly
I saw her the day after eating it at the bus stop,
I saw her mum too, 
she was on the phone crying, saying 
that she had to give her ‘little girl’ bread and fake cheese,
and could they ‘please help her, just once please’.
It’s simple things like that you see,
the girl just down the road,
he mum who can’t afford the bread to feed her,
while I sit here with too much.
while I throw away too much, 
what I throw away in one month could feed her family,
Clearing a plate is easy, here is what you do,
when you go to the supermarket,
don’t just think about you. 


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