How I started blogging – #NaBloPoMo

When I started blogging I didn’t actually know what it was or even what I was doing. I had just moved house and I didn’t have a lot of cash. Me and Mr were going through a tough time as we’d just moved country again and I only had Eldest with me.

 The furniture in my house was as follows:

  • Single bed & mattress 
  • Desk
  • £20 eBay couch (which was free if we moved it within the hour)
  • Borrowed T.V 
  • Tiny cooler fridge (1 pint milk size)
  • My Laptop
Me and Eldest had left almost everything we owned in NL when we left. I had booked a flight back but in the end I just didn’t want to get on it. I love NL but due to many other reasons that weren’t in my control it was the best & worst experience of my life. 
So I came back with a suitcase of clothes and my laptop. 
I wanted to write a book, but I didn’t think that anyone really cared what a single mum had to say, or really that I had an opinion worth sharing at all. I sat on my kitchen counter and started typing but I ended up writing about all the things I wanted in my life that I didn’t have. Or at least what I thought I wanted. 
So on that counter top I already had an idea I just didn’t know what it really was. Within a week I had the internet installed. It was Mr’s way of telling me although we were apart he was trying to take care of me. If I’d let him. He sent me a balloon and huge bouquet of flowers too. 
I sat down and I typed in ‘make your own website’. The first things that popped up were various free sites. I then found a yahoo question and one of the answers was Blogger. I nipped over on to blogger and made my ‘website’. It was called My Ordinary Life. I wanted it to be a home and interiors site. I thought that tracking the transformation from empty shell to cosy nest would be interesting and I would obviously be in loads of magazines for my wonderful taste. 
The problem was that I didn’t have two quid to rub together and my couch was ugly.
 I kept posting anyway, but not for long and not with any real drive. Me and Mr sorted out our lives and the house. 
During my pregnancy with Middle Kid I was sitting down, I opened my laptop and started this blog. My first post I think I talked about sex, pregnancy, Bulbasaur and the fact I was so round I couldn’t get out of my bed. I think I’ve deleted to post now. 
From there I started to write about some of the things that happened during my day and then I found twitter. 
I was looking for something, I needed something and I ended up finding Blogging. 


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