How blogging made my life better. #NaBloPoMo

When you first start blogging, or at least this was true for me, I’d just write about the normal things, what I had done or what was going on with Eldest. Like a diary really, possibly what most people still use theirs for.

In time it changed a bit. I had an email one day asking if it’d like to test out a wooden recorder. This was before I knew about reviews, sponsored posts, placements and all that jazz. I asked Eldest and she excitedly said yes. When it arrived I didn’t want to take a boring picture of her, I wanted to take something interesting and have fun doing it. Me and Eldest put on our boots and went off to have an adventure. It was great. It was fun and I got some lovely photos.

After that we did more fun stuff. Days out, amazing review items and I started making money. I learned skills like basic photography, html, css, photoshop and how to advertise my posts.  I joined networks of other like minded bloggers and met some wonderful writers. I’ve even been in a helicopter with The Children’s Air Ambulance. Something I will never forget, something that never would have happened in any other job I could have had.

I’ve learned so much about parenting from reading other people’s blogs, that it’s enabled and empowered me to parent as I wish I always had. I’ve found comfort on days that I have felt as though I failed, found hope at times that I thought I wanted to hide under the covers, and laughed so hard at other parents with children as wonderful as my own.

During the years I’ve been blogging I’ve gained so many skills I wouldn’t have had the chance or maybe the time to learn before. I take time to bake, make and create with the girls. Not only for good content or to make a pretty picture for Instagram, but because it feels good. Good in way that it didn’t before. Blogging has helped me focus on what is most important to me. The girls, good food and enjoying life.

Even on the days you don’t think it’s possible.


2 thoughts on “How blogging made my life better. #NaBloPoMo

  1. i agree, i have learned SO MUCH from blogging and the experiences that have come out of it. and i love that i can look back and see the journal of my life because as i age, there is lots that i forget LOL. found you via #NaBloPoMo btw 😉

  2. Haha, I know it is a very lovely thing to do. The skills are also really transferable to other areas of life which makes it a brilliant hobby (or job for many). Thank you for stopping by! x

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