Homebirth – Mojo is on route…

So around 9am on the 28th of November 2011 I knew she was coming, I knew it. I had minor period pain contractions, I kept this information to myself and went Christmas shopping with Beau, he had no idea…

The midwife arrives to do a sweep at 4pm that evening, and as Mojo was already trying to escape there could be no harm in a little helping hand. Sweep swept, bouncing on my ball till 6pm, me and Beau head off to collect my eldest… Standing contracting in my Dad’s kitchen while making a cup of tea, a house full of men and no one notices… The dogs, however, wouldn’t leave my side.

By 8pm that evening they started to feel a bit more serious, to the point I confess to Beau, he wires me up to the tens machine, which does wonders. But we decide to make the call to the on call midwife so she knows whats going on…

At this point I’ll admit I was feeling strong, my first birth took 3 hours start to finish… How bad could this be? Not very bad, but enough to make me break down at 3am…

At around 11pm my lovely on calls know it’s not happening any time soon, Mojo wasn’t putting enough pressure on my cervix due to being back to back and to take some paracetamol and go to bed…Sleep she says!! Har har haaarrrr…sleep…

Well, Beau took this to mean I would be able to sleep, I was waking every 15 mins trying to turn the tens machine up till my whole lower half was a static machine! It’s fine breath through it, millions of woman do it at home (no they don’t) You are strong (I feel wobbly) If in doubt go to the hospital (I will not! Never!) I released tensions by having a moment of crying. He slept. And so on till around 8am at which point we made a second call, I was contracting harder and making enough fuss for Beau to know it was serious, super serious! Entonox please lady, give me the pipe and sit in the corner I GOT THIS!!


Breathing deeply…

I did not have this, up and down the stairs Beau carrying the gas and air tank, making tea and coffee for the lovely midwives and a cup of warm milk for my eldest (who was given the day off due to the MIRACLE OF BIRTH)… It was creeping towards 12.30pm and I couldn’t be sure if I wanted to sit down, stand up, rock on my ball, bathe in some warm water, eat, drink or fart… I was just sure the gas and air was no longer curbing the pain and we were nearly there.

My amazing midwife who had supported the home birth turned up around 10am, and was lovely, rocking hips chatting away, very excited… (What I didn’t know was it was her first Home birth supervision other than her own) I was also a great spectacle to Dudu, a lovely midwifery student, who had never witnessed a birth and thanked me over and over for letting me witness not only a birth but a planned home birth – You are welcome I say!! Then I offer her a drink in between contractions… This lady was vital, I just didn’t know it yet!

So to the monitoring, Mojo’s heartbeat stops, just.like.that.STOP.

I get up a wiggle around while standing the catch her heart beat – It’s all fine, just don’t lie down… What? I just want to lie down, just there and lie there… WHAT?

Eventually, she had the good graces to turn around the right way as I was coming up to needing to push.

So 2pm I get myself angled with my bottom half over the edge of the bed, and I feel a burning ball of fire traveling slowly down the birth canal, and I am nearly there, I can feel every wiggle, every slip, and slide… EVERYTHING….  My waters explode, Uh-oh they are so yellow (Beau calls brother to come and take care of eldest in case we need to make a speedy get-a-way to the hospital), even I know in my state that this was not cool… I don’t have time to ask or consider, not only is something wrong, I need to get her out…. this is where Dudu came in, she places herself behind me, and gave me a huge amount of pushing capability… I used her as a headrest and a place to push my shoulders against…

Well, I was crying now, I can’t do this I say, yes you can because you are doing it, and I was… I could feel the ball of fire, about to make that POP into the world, and I held my breath and pushed (Brother walks in the front door as baby’s head POP’s) YAY! everyone is happy, her head is out, one more push – and it was one more – and out she came thrown on to me in all her gory glory, she smelt divine. And was perfect. And we had skin to skin and BF and snuggles galore.

2.11pm POP Mojo made it….

2.35pm I was ran a bath by the midwife, I relaxed in the bath, Mojo was being cooed over by the professionals who all had just had their first home births, Beau was making all the calls, and I basked in the glory of giving birth at home, no tears, not even a vaginal graze, and pain medication which I would liken to putting a plaster on when you’ve just had your leg sawn off… Might be a bit of an exaggerating but it truly is a labour of love like no other. While basking my bath turned a deep red and eventually, I had to get out 😉

When I got out, I walked into a tidy room, freshly laid sheets (included large pads under my fitted sheet) and a cup of tea. I sat in my large corner chair, beyond tired and elated.

4.11pm everyone is still here making sure her obs were okay 🙂

Eldest’s excitement leaking out of her face after I told her we could, in fact, keep it.

Let’s compare and contrast what happened:

Here was my plan :

Walk around, only have tens and gas and air (didn’t order extra meds in advance in order to uphold this wish) have a bath when I like, have Mojo on my bed, be amazing and wonderful, no complications fast birth then dinner.

What happened :

More than 24 hours of labour, hated walking, only liked my ball, tens machine turned full, ran bath then decided wet hair would make me more irritated, had Mojo on my bed, was amazing and wonderful (all labouring mothers should be told this, because you really are) complications, to tired to eat dinner – the tea was nice though.

Power to the Momma.

Summary :

Here is what a mother who has had an uncomplicated hospital birth vs. minor complication home birth might say
– I would stay at home every time, it was amazing, the midwives were amazing, my house was like my tower, my place where when I felt I couldn’t go through more pain, I did. I pulled strength from Beau’s eyes willing me on, from my eldest coming and asking if baby was ready yet, from MY midwife making the effort to drive an hour to see it, to take part in my miracle – to take part in my step into a new life, an extended family. Tea from my own cup, my own comforts and the ability to have family around me, I came downstairs later that evening to Mojo’s Godfather and Uncle and sat and smiled while I Skyped Mother & Grandparents, feeling content with knowing my own bed was waiting for us.


4 thoughts on “Homebirth – Mojo is on route…

  1. wow! i never considered having a home birth as i was more than happy to go to a hospital. your account gives home birth a very positive experience and it dies sound like a marvellous birthing experience from start to finish. it must be nice not to have to endure that awful car journey to hospital where every bump and corner is excruciatingly painful while having contractions!!
    so what caused your waters to be yellow then? did i miss that?
    gorgeous photos i love the one of your eldest holding Mojo – she looks every bit the proud big sister
    thanks so much for linking up to Flashback Friday x x

    1. It was a fabulous experience. I actually enjoyed it,well as much as you can. I can’t believe i missed that detail out! She had done a few poops in the water, and as they were old the waters had gone yellow. Can cause some serious breathing difficulties i later found out. Thanks for a fantastic link!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a really positive experience. I’m glad you were able to get the home birth you wanted, despite the complications too.

    Thank you for linking up to Flashback Friday. x

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