Gummee Glove Review.

Mojo is 10 months old. She chews like a puppy. Her hands, bibs, toys, feet other teethers. My face. All of it goes in that mouth of hers when she is teething. It’s a dribbly mess.

When you’re and about, she drops them, I have to carry around about 5. My bag is heaving with teethers and toys. Just once I’d like to put my things in my own bag.

Enter: Gummee Glove.

I was a bit skeptical when I saw pictures of it, looked a bit unorthodox. However, when I got the chance to try one, I’m going to do it. Obviously. Teething baby & new products? Hand-in-hand. Done deal. Give me the goods.

And boy did they deliver.


Here is a few pictures of the glove. There are a few close ups of the stitching so you can see the quality. It also comes with a very handy little storage pouch. There is a pink, water filled teething hoop which is detachable (not by little hands, I tested it) and a nice little crinkle patch which you can see in the picture (animal print bit). The colours are apparently a big winner too. Visually pleasing.

Some super close-ups of the pink, water filled teething ring. Although you can’t freeze them, the instructions clearly state you can put them in the fridge. Perfect for little hot gums.

So, to the tester (who has a cold, so ‘scuse the snot please?). She is fussy with toys and teethers. She is more fussy with things on her handies. Like gloves, in fact.

However, I strapped this little gizmo to her hands and she seemed very impressed. She turned it around a few times till she was comfortable with it. I can see such a huge bonus to this, babies have great difficulty keeping hold of things. With this you can strap it to their tiny hands and go about your business, knowing that you will not be picking up a toy off the floor anytime soon.

I’m happy to report that, as well as giving her something sturdy to chew on and soaking up her dribble, it had the delightful effect of keeping her occupied. Like, really occupied. LOOK!

So, the real stuff.

R.R.P is £9.99. In total, I can safely say I have spent more than that on teethers which have been used for less time. The quality is fab. It is stimulating for the nippers, Mojo really enjoyed playing, biting, throwing and slapping my in the eye with it. It comes with very clear instructions. Apart from just being a normal teether, with the crinkle square and the small tags it encourages babies to practice motor skills.

Would I have bought it in a shop? Yes, I would.

I would have bought it for that little happy face right there. Her feral little face, making growling noises. Totally worth it.

If you want to get in touch with Gummee Glove you can do so here :-

Gummee Glove Site

Note: I received this product free of charge.


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