Glorious Garden – Planning Tips.

When it comes to gardening, not everyone is excellent at it – or has the time. It is one thing to enjoy relaxing in your garden sipping a crisp white wine in the summer evenings, but another entirely to put the work in to get it there.


I love small soft fruit trees, and there is nothing as lovely as when your kids can pick their own strawberries and blueberries directly from something they have helped to grow. But, there is something somewhat relaxing knowing that you can call in professional gardeners when you need them. The people who can turn your overgrown (jungle-ish) mess into something sculpted and beautiful.

  • Of course, before you start you need to spend some time checking out different gardening companies until you find one that works with your budget and of course the style you like.
  • Think about what means the most to you in your garden. Is it having plenty of space for the kids to play safely? What about an area that your pets can lounge in the summer heat, shaded by trees.
  • Consider having a wild garden section. Filled with a mixed selection of wildflowers. These are great for bees and butterflies.

  • While you’re at it think about a space for growing veggies, fruits and herbs. After all, a garden can be more than just some pretty flowers and space to kick a ball around in the summer. Your garden can serve you with some delicious food. ¬†For this, you’re probably going to need to speak to landscape gardeners to get the most from your space.
  • Remember that no space is too small!

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