Glamglow Supermud – Worth The Hype (and Price)?

Last week, after much deliberation I decided to make a financial commitment to my face. I didn’t do this lightly because it’s a £42 commitment in fact. I do believe that sometimes it’s worth splashing out on higher quality skin care. After reading all the hype over the Glamglow Supermud, I really wanted to try it out for myself.

I often post my facemasks on Instagram, so it’s something that is part of my usual skin care routine. Supermud quickly became the top of my must-have list.

So here is the before:

Close up of skin before Glamglow Supermud use

I’m in the middle of a breakout. I have combination skin and it is in need of some serious care after a very busy week. I’ve always had enlarged pores and a messy T-zone.

Glamglow Supermud facemask on

The Glamglow Supermud mask dries very fast. The first few minutes tingle like crazy too. The smell was really comforting. It smells like green tea and mint. As you can see on the above images, as the mask dries you can easily see the areas on my face that needed some cleansing. It’s fascinating and gross, all at the same time.

3 minutes after Glamglow Supermud mask use

Three minutes after removing the mask, my face was red and tender. It does say that you will need to be mindful of UV after use, so I was expecting something similar to a micro-peel. Slightly red, fresh looking. That was exactly what I got.

1 hour after Glamglow Supermud mask use

The 1 hour mark, my skin had settled down nicely.

Here were my immediate results:

  • Brighter skin
  • Slightly tighter pores (hurrah)
  • Very soft feeling skin
  • No tightness

I am actually very happy with the results, and looking forward to using the Glamglow Supermud in a few days time.

So, is Glamglow Supermud worth the hype?

From a first impression, a complete yes. I am looking forward to seeing more results in a few weeks time. I will be using it as a spot treatment too.


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