Gigantosaurus: The Game – Review & Gameplay

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Gameplay, and review by my eldest daughter.

I found the intro to the story excellent and easy to understand too, which is good for young children. The added subtitles are a great touch. Subtitles and narration is something that from what I’ve seen (from many other games) don’t get include that very often.

As for the controls, they were simple and well thought out – I played on PC. Many games you have to manually add the controls you want to use, or they are placed weirdly – making them more complicated, and you cannot change them – which is really annoying. This is quick and easy, and that’s awesome.

I found the puzzles very relaxing with the bouncy plants, spinning hat, and springing shoes. The plant that allows you to glide is very well placed and highlighted, so you know you can use it. For added ease you have a seed path to help show you where to go, so it is unlikely you’ll get lost.

The main quest is straightforward to understand – you must collect the dinosaur eggs, and after you collect them, a nest will become highlighted.

The game helps you every step of the way.

I think it was an excellent idea to add a racing feature for those who are playing with friends or just love to race. Each of the carts suited the personality and the style of the dino too, so it felt like it all made sense.

As for the different places, each of them has their perks. Like being able to build a statue of Gigantosaurus to scare the other dinosaur away, and different enemy’s like the bees their buzzing was so realistic it sounded like they were right next to me (I played with headphones on!)

I liked the fact that different place had a different coloured egg so you never feel like you are collecting the same thing over and over.

Each of the little dinos have their own stregths, so you can play with the whole team.

The end quest to save Gigantosaurus is something that was a lot of fun, and a took a few turns to complete was the being Gigantosaurus, and running at speed. You have to pay attention to the keys, but they are on the screen to help you out.

I loved the story and I found the characters well thought out, it is suitable for a range of ages, and you can play it more than once – so you get some value from it too.

There are some small things that bothered me, Bill doesn’t seem to fit entirely in his bubble from time to time. It doesn’t impact gameplay – but it looked a little odd!

In general, I really enjoyed this game, and have played it many times since my stream with my younger sisters.

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