Gifts for Pets at Christmas

Pets of all shapes and sizes are members of the family, from mice to Great Danes we love them all. The have a special place in our home and so here is a list of goodies to show them you care.


All doggies love a good brush, this one but Pet Angel UK is brilliant. It works similarly to a tangle teaser, so works for dogs with all coat types. It’s super sturdy and has a very cute design. It’s easy to clean and comes in a range of colours and sizes.


Another fabulous product to help keep their coats shiny and general nutritional support. A shiny well-kept coat is usually the sign of a healthy dog. Tiana Coconut Therapy for Dogs contains Omega 3 vegetable oils, which supports their immune system, healthy coat, reduces bad breath and can be applied topically to any little nicks and grazes your dog might get.


A soft warm bed is a great gift. Dog beds have a tendency to get a bit dirty and don’t always come washable. Christmas is a perfect time to take advantage of the sales and a pick up a gorgeous dog bed for your best buddy.

Happy kitties love great catnip. Beauty Naturals has a sweet Organic Catnip Mouse for a nifty £4.50, they will play excitedly for around ten minutes and then will need a little break. Great fun!

We have a little guinea pig and I honestly think he is the best thing ever. I love getting him treat baskets, and the one featured below is the one I get the most. It’s around £3.50-£4 and comes with a lot of different treats. So you could space them out or give them all – it is up to you!

Whatever pet you have, large or small, remember to treat them to a little something too.


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