Fuck The New You, Just *Be* You.

It’s that time of year where everyone is looking, very closely at all their ‘flaws’. The thighs that rub together, the desks that are about as organised as a dump, to be better at makeup, to work harder, to work smarter, to to to… You get the idea right? Writing New Years Resolutions up the wazoo. All in a bid to totally transform. To change you into something new.

There is nothing at all wrong with changing, but label it as growth. You’re not changing, you’re growing as a person. Learning new skills probably, incorporating new ‘things’ in your life, setting new goals, trying to find things that you love, or your hidden creative side.

But maybe, just maybe, (stay with me), its not a ‘new’ you, it’s just you. Something I have really be thinking about lately is how many times we get told we can be a new us, like the us we are currently isn’t good enough. Actually though, you’re pretty fucking awesome.

Kids, jobs, family stuff, moving house, growing more kids, school runs, cleaning, ironing, hobbies, kids extra curricular takes it out of you. The you that maybe you really are needs a bit of a dusting off, needs to be put back in the spotlight, needs a bit of attention – from you.

Feeling a little deflated you might make a list of all the things you want to be next year.

Thinner (Please replace with healthier?)
Better at
Grow hair
Stop biting nails
Be more organised

And on it goes. The thing is, it’s ideal to have goals. To have something to aim for but, maybe you don’t need to shed your skin and arrive December 2017 as a whole new person, but maybe just as you really are. Sure, experiment with things, try new hobbies, try to grow as a person but maybe the aim should be, less about being a new you, and more about just being the real you.


2 thoughts on “Fuck The New You, Just *Be* You.

  1. I have joined slimming world this evening in an attempt to be a real me but sitting there realising I could no longer eat cornflakes for breakfast kinda hit home a bit too much. I bloody love my breaky… damn diets!

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