Freya Nova Bra (a real) Review

So, I posted a quick snap on Instagram the other week about an underwear set from Freya Nova I was about to review. I think to really do the review justice, I had to wear the bra for countless days, and put it through what a women actually puts her over-shoulder-boulder-holders through.

School runs, running for the bus/tram/train, cleaning, meetings, carrying shopping, working, more school runs… The list is endless. So that is what I did. I have spent the last two weeks on wash and wear. Yes, I actually washed my bra.

I am going to just be real with you here, bras are serious business. There are no ‘laid out pretty’ photos. No hyper posed, smoothed out models. Just me, the real reviewing deal.

I think you want to see how it is going to look, or sit. I know I do.

Freya Nova Bra Review

Freya Nova Bra Review

The straps are pretty wide, they felt very supportive and didn’t dig in. When you’ve got bigger boobs, nasty strap bites can be a real issue. I haven’t had anything to write home about with this bra – hurrah.

Freya Nova Bra Review

The finer details of the bra are very sweet, and although initially I was concerned it might rub or be itchy, it isn’t. In fact it is really breathable and soft. The little button on the bow makes it even cuter – if that was possible. So a thumbs up on that front too.

Freya Nova Bra Review

Freya Nova Bra Review

Shape. I don’t know about you but I have had some hideous bras that made my boobs into cones, or into large round cow pats. It’s a minefield. This bra however gives a soft rounded look and looks fabulous under a shirt or t-shirt. On the second photo, you can see where the bra has been sitting while I have been hunched over the desk like a little writing hobbit. Told you, a real review.

In case you are wondering where my nipples have gone, I’ve had three kids and fluctuating weight for years, they are like spaniels ears, and like to look at the floor. So a bra that managed to make them look like decent breasts is actually very hard to come by.

For me the Freya bra is a huge thumbs up, I love the details, the fabric and the support.

Freya Nova Bra Review


One thought on “Freya Nova Bra (a real) Review

  1. Hi,
    I thank you for your review. So far, you are the only person to have reviewed nova. I request you to post details about the sizing and If possible bratabase measurements, especially the horizontal depth, band length, stretched band length.
    It will help many, who wish to buy (like me who can’t return it).

    Thank you

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