It always feels like a race to get things done most of the time, with home maintenance being one of those areas that seems to be slow on movement.

For those looking to really give their home a quick and reliable solution for flooring over cumbersome carpet or laminate options, people are turning to Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) to really get ahead of the curve.

Fast on the Install

It’s true that vinyl tile and planks are a quick and painless installation process. You don’t even need a professional to do the work.

As every plank or tile can be cut to size needed, it’s a simple case of glueing down tile or clicking together planks. Whilst the tiles do require the application of an adhesive to secure them in place, it is not an overall taxing task on your time. Most people see it as a small weekend challenge and within 48 hours of letting the floor settle you have the perfect replicated look for wood, stone or whatever other option you highly consider.

Quick on the Clean

Do you dread cleaning up and the length of time you have to commit to it every week?

Well vinyl has more than just the floor covered in that respect. Simple household products help to keep the floor looking like a professional showroom install with minimum effort. Simple household mopping, vinegar and warm water in a sponge will keep your floor looking healthy and new with just around 5 minutes of your week to dedicate to it.

No more buying specialist carpet cleaners or products to scrub out stains. With anti stain protection, as well as technologies for moisture resistance and scratch guarding, you can enjoy your floor for many years to come without the need to replace.

Optional Extras

Each room of the home brings its own special benefits from vinyl flooring.

The bathroom is incredibly popular due to water and moisture resistance providing extra layers of satisfaction and security in flooring as well as giving the room a fantastic style. Among the most popular extra benefits is the perfect companionship with underfloor heating that really gives that extra comfort each morning in the bedroom and beyond.

Most people prefer underfloor heating in the bedroom or living room area but can be fitted anywhere in the house, much like vinyl itself.

The Nation’s Favourite Suppliers

With luxury vinyl flooring on the increase it’s no surprise that brands and suppliers pop up everywhere, so to really know your brands you have to turn to suppliers with incredible choice, flawless reputation and above all else the right guarantee for satisfaction.

Amtico is unrivalled in its provision of countless possible laying patterns and styles from design-led Spacia to fast-fitting Click Smart. Being one of the leading brands in luxury vinyl flooring, Amtico have proven track records in excellence and comes first across the line in providing the right choice. 

Luvanto is the nation’s favourite LVT supplier with an eye for cutting-edge design and perfect value for money. With Parquet and Endure Pro you are afforded maximum comfort and style that won’t break the bank but will break out the creativeness in your home.

Invictus offers a plentiful number of additional features to its already stunning collection of natural material replica planks and tiles. Durability is at the forefront of Invictus as surpasses authentic materials ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and moisture, 

With so many avenues to choose for your home flooring with every room a possibility, the safest and most satisfactory direction to head in would be securing your home with the ultimate quick fix that will last longer than the competition. Choose luxury vinyl flooring and stay ahead of the curve for many laps to come.

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