Eating Healthy On A Budget

The suggestion of healthy eating can be met by scorn by some people, and not because they dislike vegetables or fruit. The cost of eating healthily is something that can put people off sticking to a healthier diet, but it shouldn’t. There are plenty of ways to eat healthily on a budget that can help you lose weight, get your vitamins and nutrients and generally look and feel healthier.

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Overhaul your diet today with these tips for healthy eating on a budget.

Start a food plan

A food plan is a good way to start eating better. By working out what food you’re going to be eating throughout the week, you can make an appropriate shopping list, instead of just going to the supermarket on a whim. Some people find it easier to shop online to do this, as going to a supermarket means being tempted by all the treats and special offers that can lead to overeating and food waste. Get yourself a meal planning template and start using it.

Reduce your food waste

The less food you waste, the more money you’ll save. It’s surprising how much food a family can throw out each month! Look for ways you can cut your food waste by buying vegetables pre-prepared or frozen, freezing leftovers and making soups with leftover ingredients. By doing this, you will be making the most of the food you buy, so that buying healthier foods doesn’t feel like a waste. You can always turn your leftover vegetables into soups, making the most of everything you’re buying.

Batch-cook your food

There are some fantastic batch-cooking recipes that you can make to help you eat healthier, giving you options for lunch as dinner as well as ready-made meals in your freezer. If you haven’t got one already, then investing in a slow cooker can be an excellent buy for your kitchen. From making soups and pasta dishes to stew and curries, you can create some excellent dishes in large quantities to help you save money. Given the choice between a supermarket ready meal or one of your own dishes in the fridge, the home-cooked option is always going to be the winner.

Buy your meat in bulk

If you eat meat, then it can work out much cheaper to buy it in bulk from specialist meat sellers or from your local butchers. Many people have a lot of success getting lean with a meat-only diet, which could be something to look into if you’re looking to drop some pounds. The Origym’s carnivore diet shopping list can give you some ideas of what you’d need to buy. It’s not something for everyone, but it’s certainly a cheaper approach to buying meat.

Buy frozen

Frozen fruit and vegetables can work out to be much cheaper than buying fresh. You also get the bonus of having everything pre-peeled and cut, so it’s great for buying things like butternut squash and avocados that you can prepare without the mess. Buying frozen also ensures that there’s no waste, as you just use what you want when you want it. Frozen fruit is especially good to pop into smoothies, giving you a tasty and vitamin-rich treat that you can make yourself at home.

Use cheaper supermarkets

The rise of cheaper supermarkets has meant that people are easily able to save money on their food shop. Places like Aldi and Lidl have some great bargains on their fruit and vegetables, as well as their cuts of meat. You can also save money on other household items that will bring your overall shopping costs down. Many people are in the habit of using cheaper supermarkets to do their weekly food shop, while using smaller supermarkets to do some top-up shopping during the week.

Research new recipes

Many people avoid healthy eating because they don’t know how to make healthy dishes – it’s not all salads! Try looking up different recipes that are easy to make but produce healthy results. Learning more about the health benefits of different foods can also help you improve your habits. Do you know all the different types of beef cut for example? Knowing the difference could lead you to some great recipes you haven’t made yourself before.

Eating healthier might seem like a challenge, but don’t let money worries stop you from changing your diet. There are plenty of great ways to save money on healthy eating, so make sure you use some of the tips above to start you on your journey to a better diet.

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