Easy fondue in a bread bowl

Here is a super simple recipe for you.

1 large (unsliced) loaf bloomer/farmhouse – something with a good crust.
500ml of double cream
hand full of chives/parsley/chili – herb it up as you like!
200g cheddar
200g Edam/Gouda/Gruyere

Cut the lid off of your loaf
Carefully Hollow out your loaf, make sure not to poke a hole in the side or end up with bread crumbs instead of chunks of fluffy bread.
Cut/slice/tear up the remains of fluffy bit.

Set your bread bowl & lid aside.

Warm the cream in a pan, try not to boil it. Put in which ever cheese you like and keep stirring. This bit you really have to do by eye. I like mine strong, creamy and stringy. Keep adding cheese & stirring until you are happy with the consistency.

Pop in your herbs.

Now pour your fondue mixture into the bread bowl you created, garnish with a little more herb, pop the lid on and serve.


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