E.L.F – Lip Plumper, Poreless Putty Primer and More Review

During my pregnancy with baby 4, I felt so horrible for so long I ended up having to throw most of my makeup away. That little pot on the packaging was letting me know it was time to hit the bin. I knew I wasn’t going to feel up to wearing it any time soon.

Some went to the girls to play with – which was a bit painful for an Urban Decay Moondust palette, but they had a lot of fun.

It left me with very little. The last month or so, feeling much more myself, I’ve been picking up some new products to try. E.L.F has gotten a lot of love lately. The putty primer sold out as soon as it was Jeffree Star approved. So I popped myself on the waiting list and in the meantime found a few other things I wanted to try.

Here was my shopping list:

Coconut Hydrating Mist £7.50

Lip Plumper & Primer £4.50

Poreless Putty Primer £8

Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum SPF 25 £5

Free lip kit containing: Lip Scrub in Sweet Cherry, Velvet Matte Lipstick in Ruby Red, and Clear Lip Lacquer. Over £25 spent gives you free shipping + free gift, so it is worth the time to find a set of products rather than just one or two.

Thoughts –

I love the lip scrub. It smells great and does the job with ease. I prefer the lipstick shape over a pot too. It is just faster for application and use. Totally worth it.

I had been using the Dior Lip Maximizer for a while, when I ran out, I tried Pixi LipLift in Sweet Nectar which I adore. Lip plumping isn’t for everyone, but I like the short term results. This one was surprisingly firey on the lips. If you ever had fireballs as a kid, this one smells and tastes like that. It’s very intense for a few minutes. I do however love the slightly bee-stung bottom lip it gives. It’s not a gloss like the other two I’ve mentioned so you can apply lip colour over it too.

Products left to right: Plump & Prime, Lip Lacquer, Poreless Putty Primer, Velvet Matte Lipstick, Lip Scrub, Foundation Serum, Overhang Ginger, Orange & Lime.

The poreless putty primer does feel like velvet. I’ve tested it with Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation a few times, as well as Revolution Beauty Fast Base stick (which I hate, and it hates me). It held all day. I don’t always set with a powder, because I am pretty lazy. But it gives a very smooth canvas to layer on the rest of your makeup. Is it worth the £8 and the waitlist? For me, yes.

The Foundation Serum feels like a super lightweight tinted moisturiser. I liked the quickness of the application. It gives an even dewy base when I’m in a hurry, and is something I can see myself using more often when Spring really kicks in. I like the fact it has a broad spectrum SPF because I am guilty of forgetting sunscreen a lot, and even that small amount is going to help my lazy ass.

The coconut hydrating spritz is next to my computer. I use it first thing in the morning at the same time as my morning coffee, around mid-day and in the evening as a quick refresh. While I love the smell, if you spray a little too much it feels a touch tacky. I am a fan of the Nip&Fab Dragon’s Blood Mist (£9.50 on offer) which I think really works for the price. I won’t be getting the coconut one again, it’s just not worth the spend when I feel the Nip&Fab is so good.


Overall, I am pleased with the purchases, and I think in terms of value for money the packaging is sleek and straightforward, the products are excellent quality and I’ve reached for the plumper, primer and lipstick almost daily.

This post is marked as ‘pr sample’ the Overhang Ginger, Orange & Lime in the main featured image was a PR sample, it’s light and refreshing, and perfect for a pep up on a busy day and is available by clicking the link in the caption. 


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