Don't Forget These Vital Aspects Of Gardening This Spring

Wintertime is a great time to think ahead and get your gardening plan of attack for the spring season ready. Even making the smallest of outdoor spaces look beautiful can be a lot of hard work, though, so getting organised never hurts. But what sort of thing should you be thinking about now, to be ready to hit the grass running come March – April time? Read on to find out.

Turning over the soil

Ok, so it may be little cold for turning the soil over right now, but you do need to start to consider the areas that you will turn over first. These will be the areas that you will be planting new items in your garden come spring.

Some real thought needs to go into this, as sometimes it can be easy to see where you need to introduce a little colour or texture. But at others, you need to consider how planting new items will affect your whole garden, in both the decorative sense as well as the biological one.

Checking your water features

Something that it is always wise to do in winter is to check any water features that you have in your garden spaces. You will need to ensure that the devices keeping the water clean and moving are still working and that all you fish are surviving ok.

Remember fish need oxygen to survive, so the water needs to be circulated for this to happen.  If you aren’t sure that your pond is doing as well as it could, you can always replace the pump. Check online stores for pond pumps from leading manufacturers.

Compare you look and budget

Another clever use of the colder period during January and February is to compare the look that you are going for in your outside space, with what it will actually cost to achieve it.

Remember if you are looking for fast results you will need to skip planting things from seed and go for pre-grown items, as they are already well established.

Of course, they cost a tonne more, so it really is wise to do a brief costing to see whether your plans are achievable within the budget you have set aside for you garden this year.

What is the state of your seating?

It is also a good idea to think about what you will be using you garden for when the warmer weather hits. Is it primarily a kid’s zone? Or do you spend you weekends entertaining outside? Or do you use it the most for taking a picture of flora and fauna and photoshoots?

This is important because what your garden is used for the shapes the type so plants and features that you can have. For example, if it is mostly a kids zone you won’t want any poisonous plant in easy reach. But if you use it mostly for taking pictures then you may want to include a few dangerous and exotic plants to ensure some good shots.


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