Disney+ Primark Ursula Palette (Because ColourPop Import Taxes Sux)

What I wanted…

This is the ColorPop Villians Palette – Ursula Collection. But, look, if you don’t know this already sometimes on some orders from any USA brand, you will pay import taxes. Which means after you pay for your goods, and shipping from the USA, you might end up needing to pay import taxes this side too. It’s usually if your package is worth over a certain amount.

But, ever the resourceful (dupe seeking) type I knew Primark had recently had something similar in. So I went in and managed to get…

Disney+ Primark Ursula Palette for sweet £3 in the sale. They are selling for a little bit more on eBay at the moment, probably due to the popularity of the ColourPop launch but still cheaper in the long run.

I think I have mentioned before how much I love browns and golds, but recently I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone with my eyes. In the mornings I try and fit in a full-face in about 10 minutes. I have four kids man, I gotta do everything quickly.

Primark’s reputation when it comes to make-up is pretty good. They currently have a couple of dupes for high-end labels like MAC and Estēe Lauder which I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on yet – but I intend to soon.

The palette has a magnetic lid, which I love. I did wonder if it was going to flap around and piss me off, but no – it’s good. I kinda wish the colours had names. Something cool that a Sea Witch might call things.

Here is a list of all the Disney+Primark Villains you can still get your hands on.

  • Cruella De Vil – highlighter, lipstick, brush, press on nails, lashes
  • Ursula –  Eyeshadow, Lipstick, brush, nails, lashes
  • Maleficient – Eyemask, brush, lashes

There are a bunch of other goodies too.

This was all originally released last year, but I was busy being in a baby bubble. Anyway, you can maybe grab them in the sale if you are loving ColourPop Villains, but hating import taxes too.


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