Different Ways to Use a Rolling Ladder in Your Home

When you think about rolling ladders, do you picture Belle swinging from shelf to shelf singing about her love for reading, or do you see a French waiter gliding from the white to red wine rack? Rolling ladders are a fabulous feature to include within your décor, giving it a unique, vibrant touch that adds character and style in ways another décor feature never could. There are some really great ways to use rolling ladders in your home, you just need to be creative!

Living Room or Private Library

Whether you’re introducing a private library to your home, or you’re using a section of your living room to store your favourite literature pieces, a rolling ladder will really help you to utilise the space you have and use the wall space available. Bookcases are beautiful when filled with a selection of classic novels and introducing a rolling ladder will enhance the area and give it a really traditional, stylish look.

Dressing Room

The idea of having your very own dressing room is always a very glamorous one, and adding a rolling ladder to the décor will instantly add a luxurious touch. Ideal for making difficult areas much easier to reach, a rolling ladder will enable you to add essential storage to your dressing room and make the most of the wall space you have. A rolling ladder in your dressing room would be ideal for reaching storage that sits above your wardrobes and so on, providing essential space for your shoes and handbags.


Once you introduce some rolling ladders to a room, there is an instant change in the look and feel of the area, which makes it perfect for enhancing your décor. Kitchen décor is often full of character and life, and the addition of rolling ladders can really help to create a new, unique look that will stand out. Storage can often be limited in a kitchen, but rolling ladders enable you to store items in higher up cupboards, as you’ll still be able to reach with ease.

Home Office or Study

If you’re having a constant battle with paper work and files, then it may be time to add some extra storage to your home office or study. Using the wall space to add some essential storage space is fine when you have rolling ladders, as you can easily access high up areas and keep important documents in safe places. You’ll also find that a rolling ladder will help to add some character to your home office, which can sometimes be difficult to do when you’re trying to keep the space open and motivating.

Wine Racks

Having your very own wine racks or cellar is something very many homeowners would love. There’s something inviting about a selection of fabulous wines positioned neatly together, and it also makes a really nice décor feature. Adding a rolling ladder to the room to provide easier access to the wine is the perfect touch to enhance your décor and really make it stand out. It doesn’t matter what décor style the room is, this French inspired touch will really lift the atmosphere and give your home a unique touch.


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  1. I definitely agree! Ladders are very functional in every home. You can add attic storage on your list too. It can even add beauty wherever you place it inside the house; bedroom, living room, etc. Thanks for sharing this.

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