Creating a Zen Den

Creating a Zen Den is something many of us try to accomplish. Our daily lives are so busy, school runs, clubs, work, family and friends. It can be exhausting. However creating a zen den in the home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Think about what you associate with relaxation. Usually, these things run in the same vein, reading, writing, greenery, nature and soft fabrics. So here are a few little ways to bring some zen into your life on a budget.

Creating a Zen Den

  1. Plants! It has been proven time and again that indoor plants make you feel better. If you don’t have a great track record with plants, try something with minimal upkeep. Succulents and Cacti are low maintenance and reap great rewards. They pump out oxygen and soak up around 87% of toxins in the air. Beautiful.
  2. Wood Flooring. While carpet can be cosy, wooden flooring is superior in many ways. Wooden floors are renowned for being easier to clean, they don’t absorb smells or hold onto allergens. Wood flooring is gorgeous but something you want to dig your toes into high quality wool rugs.
  3. Books. Check out your local thrift stores, see if you can pick up a selection of new books with the same spine colour. Or perhaps, you like the delicately curated look. In which case, you could go for the same genre in varying sizes. As much for aesthetics, perhaps use it as a learning opportunity too. Gardening, cooking and florists books are particularly great for this. World of Books is fab if you are an online shopper.
  4. Fabrics. Think cosy blankets and sumptuous textures. This is another one where you can hit IKEA for some amazing brand new value blankets, or hit a thrift store for some pre-loved, worn in blankets. Cotton, Fleece and Wool ultimately make the best blanket fabrics. They are all long-lasting and versatile. If you are creative you could maybe even purchase plain white ones and create your own designs with fabric paint.
  5. Bring the Outside In. Pebbles, drift wood, leaves and twigs. Though very popular in many interior design stores, these things are pretty much on any coast line or country park – for free. All of these things are really grounding and bring a natural sense of Zen.




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