Creating Fantastic Photo Backdrops

Photos are lovely to look at and even more lovely to take. If you were there at the time of an event, or you take a lot of pride in your shutter skill, it should be captured for everyone else to see. If you have a camera, you should turn it on more often to really capture the moment. Photography is a great hobby, and a nice way to pick up some money from commissions and art pieces. But how do you create the perfect backdrops for each piece? Well follow your intuition, and a few of the tips below.

Working with the Outside

Frame your outside photos so they look like a drop of fantasy in a shutter click. You can use natural beings like trees and leaves to your advantage here, as a pile of orange and red crunchy ones on the ground can have anything emerging from them or lying in them.


Match your model or focal point to a background. If you have someone of a sunny disposition, have then surrounded by bright colours and bring a summery feel to them. On the other hand you can give the photo a monochrome effect by including your ray of sunshine in the middle of a rainy day. This has a sketch effect to it, and can be further detailed with cross hatching methods in after effect programs.


You can create your own outdoor studio with plenty of natural light just be adding in a block colour backdrop. A nice bright colour on a dreary day will reflect plenty of light, and creates a lovely soft effect on whatever you’re photographing.


Indoor Backdrops

Buy some wallpaper swatches and tape them to the base of a wall or floor for a quick backdrop for something fancy. These kind of sets often look like they’re made of canvas and therefore have a designer element to them. Great if you’re trying to sell something and need a perfect photo.

If you’re looking for a more rustic or industrial feel to a photo shoot or series, you can use a garage backdrop to your advantage very easily. In somewhere like a garage, there’s a nice grunge tone to the setting already. However, you can really ramp this up in the small details. Buy some VonHaus garage shelving and use it for intended purposes or place it creatively. Have shelves fallen over, throw a sheet over a car to show it’s not in use, have plenty of tools or food cans covered in ‘dust’, or combine all these elements. It’s also a lot easier than trying to sneak into any abandoned warehouses.


Using Digital Programs To Do It For You

So photoshop and the like are wonderful tools for any artist, but they can take a lot of getting used to. However, if you know how to use them, utilise them properly and create some stunning backdrops.

Take more photos of your daily life to get you started in your artistic journey ahead.



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