Creating A Home Spa Bathroom

When it comes to feeling relaxed and refreshed, your bathroom can be the one-stop-shop for everything. It is no surprise that it is one of the first things that people want to remodel when they first move into their home.

Creating the spa experience at home has much to do with the style of the bathroom, as well as what you do with it. A mixture of luxury touches and DIY can get you from drab to fab in no time at all.


The colour that you have in your bathroom will make a significant impact on how calming the room feels. Consider the inside of a spa – neutral tones, taupes, greens and pale blues. When you bring colour psychology into the mix, you can create somewhere to look calm. The visual appeal of your bathroom is going to go a long way into how relaxing you find it. You can complement any tone that you choose with natural materials.

If you have a bathroom that is fully tiled, you can purchase some tile stickers to add some colour and interest to the walls, and the best thing is if you are in a rental you can remove them before you leave.

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Stone, lush green plants and flowers, and wood remind of us the woods and the ocean. Places that are notoriously calming and enjoyable for us tend to be forests, the beach and wide gree spaces. The great thing about plants is that you can find space for them in any size of a bathroom. Hanging from the ceiling using intricate ropes, adding corner shelving, or over the cistern, shelving can create the perfect space for your new green, lush plants. The stone feature that you should consider is a Kohler® LuxStone™ shower, and for wood you could find a large wooden bath math, the wipe clean and are a great feature.


You won’t be shocked to hear that clutter doesn’t aid relaxation. So when you are creating your spa space, there are a few things for you to consider. Large wicker bowls, baskets and hampers do the trick. Consider the aesthetic you are going for, and find something to match. Anything that makes it quick and easy to tidy up, but provides enough room to store things well.

Having matching toothbrush, soap and other cute storage can bring the whole room together. Marble with gold trim or matching pastels can go with almost any decor.


The smell of a bubble bar or a bath bomb filling the bathroom can be one of the most inviting things in the world. You can increase that feeling by adding a range of candles and reed diffusers. The reed diffusers will do the heavy lifting, so try to invest in quality here, as they will be a constant scent provider. The candles will probably only be lit when you are in the bath. Try to choose scents that you naturally find calming. For most people, those are florals, clean linen, sea breezes and the number one might be lavender.

But take your time to find something that you are really going to enjoy.

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