Could You be Earning Money and Goods from the Time You Spend Online?

Media Ofcom found that the average adult spends around 20 hours a week online, for some of us that figure is a lot higher. In between social media surfing, instant messaging and streaming our favourite shows are we missing a trick with earning a bit of extra cash? With all the time we spend on the internet, perhaps it’s time we look at how to make the most of it with free products and some quick

Here are five ways to earn a few quid and products out of your time.

  1. Survey sites. There are hundreds and hundreds of surveys sites, who can pay anything up to £5 per survey. Sites like MySurvey have a simple sign up process and send an email alert out when you are matched up with surveys that you’d be eligible for. Sometimes they pay in vouchers, sometimes you even get sent the item to try out and report back on. It might take 15 or so minute per survey.
  2. Free Stuff. This one seems a little too good to be true but why not spend some of your time surfing the web for samples, full size and handy little stashes of freebies. Ranging from make-up, hygiene products to kids packs and even food and drink, sites like WOW Free Stuff are packed with gadgets and gizmos – and who doesn’t like a freebie? It takes a few minutes to enter your details for each free item you’re applying for and they usually arrive pretty quickly.
  3. Review Websites. This one is a little time intensive, they take around 20 minutes to complete and pay up to £6.50 a pop. is a simple site where you sign up, do a tester review and you’re good to go. You can get blogs, news sites and even start-up companies running a user test and you get to give feedback to them about improvements that could be made to make their website more user-friendly.
  4. Cash-back. How many of us buy from internet sites? A lot. But did you know that sites like Quidco actually give you money back on your purchases? It’s worth looking into if you’re an online shopper.
  5. Comping. There are thousands and thousands of giveaways, competitions and instant wins going on every day. Sites like Loquax have threads and threads about what you can win, where to go for entry and even sometimes has the answers! Comping is big business and many compers spend many hours of their time entering to win everything from gardening gloves to 5stars all-inclusive holidays. This one takes time and patience, but you’ve gotta be in it to win it!

So, Could You be Earning Money and Goods from the Time You Spend Online?



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