Cosmetic Dentistry, a Desirable Enhancement Treatment in Demand

Results from a recent online poll conducted by RealSelf have revealed that the number of British desiring whiter or straighter teeth has surpassed that of the US. The demand for cosmetic dentistry in the UK has risen with motivating factors ranging from ‘improving self-esteem and confidence’ to ‘to look younger’. Out of the 1,000 UK participants that took part in the study, 43 per cent admitted to wanting some type of dental treatment to improve the appearance of their face. The preferred types of cosmetic dental treatments were; teeth whitening, veneers and the almost transparent Invisalign braces.

Aesthetic dentistry treatments can be used to treat a wide range of teeth-related problems such as straightening or reshaping crooked teeth and lightening dark or stained teeth.

The appeal of aesthetic dentistry

The popularity of dental treatments dedicated to improving the look of smiles is driven by the results these treatments achieve thanks to technological advancements in this field of dentistry. A cosmetic dentist in Bromleycan offer patients a range of enhancing treatments that include the hugely popular in-house teeth whitening treatments, porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays, white fillings and Invisalign, to name a few. Advantages of modern aesthetic treatments include non invasive treatments and solutions that can benefit patients with tricky cases. People can see progressive results from their treatment and provided they take great care of their oral health, treatments can produce results that last a lifetime. Wanting a flawless smile can be achieved at any age with many treatments being suitable for elderly patients.

Need to transform a smile? Here’s what to consider

Patients may desire a particular type of dental treatment, but there are a number of factors that can influence the final decision. During a consultation a dental practitioner will go through all the available options to achieve desired outcomes. The following factors will need to be considered:

  1. Patient’s circumstances

The state of a patient’s oral health is the first consideration a dental practitioner will look at before deciding on a treatment plan. If there are areas that need to be addressed first, such as gum disease, these will be made a priority before a cosmetic procedure can be performed. The better their oral health, the better and longer lasting the results will be.

  1. Cost

Almost always the cost of treatment is a determining factor. Improvements in dental technology and materials have made treatments more affordable, however, different treatment methods have their own cost factors that apply.

  1. Length of treatment

Different cosmetic treatments work to different timeframes. Having porcelain veneers inserted may achieve results more quickly than wearing Invisalign braces, but each treatment method has to be closely considered in accordance with patient needs and desired outcomes.

Aesthetic dental treatments are no longer reserved for celebrities. Anyone wanting a beautiful healthy smile can achieve the look they desire. Qualified dental practitioners experienced in a multitude of treatments are available to tailor treatment plans according to patient needs and preferences. Call or book a consultation online now.


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