Cobweb Clearing — 10 Cathartic Cleaning Tips

Are you feeling bored and bogged down after a frantic festive season? 

Begging for something brilliant to banish the New Year blues? 

Energy eclipsed by ennui? 

Then slouch in suboptimal moods no more — because cleaning your home with the manic fury of a person possessed just might be the best way to reset your body and mind for a brilliant year ahead.

If you’re ready for some cobweb clearing, here are ten cathartic cleaning tips that’ll leave you feeling like the ledge you truly are.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Marie Kondo show

Before you begin, settle down with some popcorn and watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. This cool clutter-clearing show will explain the life-changing potential of neatness. (I’ve been tweeting about my clear out)

Cool overalls

Rocking a radical cleaning outfit will make you feel strong enough to tackle every nook and cranny of your home — grab these classic Carhartt overalls from Pam Pam London to look the part.

Tough boots

If your household’s full of hazards that can harm your feet, like upturned plugs, splintered floorboards and carpet tacks, buy a pair of tough and on-trend Doc Marten boots to protect them.

Brush and pan set

Plastic brush and pan sets from your high street bargain store won’t stand the test of time, so invest in a Brickhill House chrome set from Black Country Metalworks online — simultaneously rugged and stylish.


High-tech vacuums are ten a penny these days, but when you part with hard-earned cash for an iconic Henry cleaner from Numatic International Ltd, you’ve got a friend for life whose durability is hard to beat — with a charming face to boot. But if you are looking for a more professional finish, you should book ProLux Carpet Cleaning.

Shoe dispenser

Tired of telling guests with dirty feet to wipe them before waltzing into your house and spreading germs? An automatic overshoe dispenser clads every visitor’s feet in handy plastic covers. True friends won’t mind complying — those who won’t can take a hike.

Guest slippers

If a shoe dispenser is a step too far, asking guests to remove their shoes, then softening the blow by providing them with disposable terry slippers is the next best plan — bulk buys them at bargain prices from a supplier like Richard Haworth.


This miracle gel looks a bit like ghostly ectoplasm and its hand-cleaning properties truly are out of this world. Keep a jar handy at all times to get rid of ingrained dirt at home and work.


A doormat is the first line of defence against exterior dirt at home. Do yourself a favour and buy an excellent entrance mat from Kleen-Tex — it’ll last for years, does its job with distinction and looks great.

Polishing kit

If your antique furniture collection is looking a little worse for wear, a traditional beeswax polishing kit from Gilboy’s is a wise investment. With three natural waxes for use on several wood varieties, oil-free wire wool and a professional polishing cloth, you’re all set to sparkle.

That’s our list! Can you add any cathartic cleaning tips of your own? Let us know in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Cobweb Clearing — 10 Cathartic Cleaning Tips

  1. Great post, Zara! Cleaning can be such a cathartic and therapeutic thing to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Even on a larger scale, I think it’s really important to keep a clean space. In the workplace, for example, people find it much easier to focus in a clean and tidy environment.

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