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If you are a follower of my blog you will already know that we have one me, one big dog, two grown men and three children. Keeping the house in tip top condition is no easy feat, but is something I really need to do in order to be able to write, relax or enjoy my home. Something that comes with that mean people trailing in and out all day is dirty. I don’t mind a bit of dirty, a bit is okay. I need to scrub my floors on a daily basis to keep them gleaming. When I do, I am often left with a very chemical smell. I find that this is also one of the only ways to help take care of the man feet and dog smell too.

 I often make my own air fresheners and cleaners but am left a little short on cleaning power or fragrance. Personally I like a floral fragrance in the home. I have a lot of plants around the house, orchids, ivy, grass plants and that sort of thing, so getting a natural smell is top of my list.

Something that any cleaner in my house has to be is pet friendly. Uggy is a very important member of our family, our adopted doggy not only has a farty bum but sensitive skin. So I was very happy to find this little fact on the Zoflora Pet Hub section of the website:

Fact: While Zoflora does go cloudy in water, this is down to the fragrances being insoluble in water and is not due to the product containing phenol. As a result, Zoflora disinfectant is safe to use around most pets when used correctly.  

To most pet owners this will be an important point.

Something that is worth noting is it can be used in a lot of places around your home, floors, sides, toilets, bins, drains, diluted with extra water and used as a spray (which is brilliant as you can make up a few spray bottles for around the house). My Nana always says a clean home is a happy home, and I agree.

There are a list of handy tips on the website as I haven’t even listed HALF of the uses here.

The thing that has always made Zoflora stand out for me are the fragrances. I love them. This time I was using Oriental Lily and it smells so close to a perfume I actually use now that I was totally delighted when I first used it.

 I reviewed another Zoflora fragrance last year so you can see that I really do love the brand and would highly recommend getting yourself a bottle asap.

You can find Zoflora in the following places:
Google Plus: +LoveZoflora 

Twitter: @LoveZoflora


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