Chewy Moon – Super Snack Time

A couple of weeks ago we were offered to try out a box from Chewy Moon.

If you follow me on the gram (@mojoblogs) you’ll know that I was coupling my snack time with Ivy’s snack time. I work from home so I tend to keep to a fairly strict routine.


In general Ivy really enjoys fruit, so having something like this around isn’t out of our norm. The cool packaging however, the cards in the box made it so much more appealing to her. She loved the characters too.

She was also super happy with the magazine that was included in the box.

Ivy’s first pick was the Strawberry Crunch box. They were sweet and crunchy – pretty much what you’d expect.

I do like the idea of it in general, we used to have a similar snack delivery and for the price of £3.99 + 99 postage they take the hassle out of picking snacks for my working days. I would add that the snacks were great for us because we don’t have any allergies but if you do it’s worth checking them out in a bit more detail. You can order your first box for free (just pay postage) to try them out for yourself.

Would I recommend them? Yep, for sure they made my life a little easier actually and it’s always the smallest things that have a decent impact on my time.

The big question though, would Ivy recommend it?



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