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It might be a bit of a cliché but I think having a set of essential products makes my life a bit easier. We home-ed eldest, the middle kid goes to school and a toddler. I’m a blogger, writer, and social media manager. I have a house to keep and meals to cook. In all that I have to keep parts of myself too. I no longer have time to get my makeup perfect or my hair sleek and wonderful. Do I wish I did? Not really, I love my life. In order to minimise my getting ready for the day time, I have a list of products I couldn’t be without.


Phyto Progenium Shampoo*. I love this stuff, keeps my hair clean, I can use it daily and it smells fantastic. I have coloured hair and it’s prone to dryness, and greasy roots. this solves both problems in one go.

For conditioner, I use the same brand of product I use to colour my hair. Bleach London. It’s my failsafe conditioner that can double as a treatment if you leave it in for 10 or so minutes. Legendary silky hair.



I use a ‘this works: in transit, camera close up’. It’s lightweight, absorbs really quickly and I use it when I am feeling a little dry or in need of a brighten up of my skin. I have combination sensitive skin so a product that doesn’t cause a flare up or red patchy skin is hard to come but.

Vichy BB cream is my saviour when I am in a hurry but want to look a bit more polished. It isn’t for everyone though, it gives a real illumination to the skin so if you like a matte finish, avoid this. I’ve never had dry patches or irritation with this product and have used it for over a year. My face loves it.

For brows, because mine needs doing so very badly, I use Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Just a quick shaping and we are done. It’s not the perfectly faded and shaped brows that are all the rage but they frame my face and are done in a minute.

Urban Decay Perversion gives me big batty eyelashes. Quick slick and I look wide awake. I never am, but I look it.



Hema deodorant. I got into the habit when I was living in NL and am still doing it now we have one in Birmingham. I love the smell and it keeps my stink free all day.



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    1. Yes! If you want to splash out try Urban Decay – perversion, if you want a more budget friendly one try MUA (superdrug) any of them are fab. As for moisturiser, I have to chop and change depending on how my skin is but when it’s feeling sensitive I stick with Simple.

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