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While it’s nice to splurge the fuck out and nab some sweet high-end make-up, I prefer a mix of fancy and financially smart. If you want to test out a budget metallic liquid lipstick then MUA is the brand for you.

With a sweet £4 price point, it’s a great place to start trying out something a bit different. I will run through the colours and how I feel about them below.

Twinkle is first up. It’s a metallic black, with a silver shimmer. As it’s a gloss feel, and goes on super smooth. It can look a lip patchy but if you work with it, it works right back. You’ll end up with a glossy black lip, with a high shimmer finish. I would add, don’t accidentally lick your lips (it leaves an awful taste in your mouth) and you will need to reapply as your day goes on. It has a really light ‘gritty’ feeling if you press your lips together often, nothing terrible. Over-all a huge bargain. I would recommend using as a lip topper to darken up another lippy.

Lustre is actually my favourite. It’s super shiny and pigmented. This one feels like amazing value and gets by far the most comments when I wear it. It looks like a grey/silver/pearl. Hard to explain and under different lighting the tones change. There is no ‘gritty’ feeling like Twinkle or Glint either. All round it’s smoother and more versatile for everyday wear.

Glint! It’s really more of a brown on my skin tone although when I picked it up, I thought it had more deep purple/brown tones. I do love this one, the only thing I find is the coverage isn’t as opaque as you might hope for.

The applicator is a standard doe-foot wand, which seems to work on Luster, but I feel like on Twinkle it holds on to too much of the glitter, which then doesn’t translate to your lip.

So if you want to try out the metallic lip trend, but stay in your budget then MUA (in Superdrug or online!)

Close up of Mua Makeup Academy Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick Luster


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