Bored Of Potatoes? Here’s How To Bring Them To Life!

Getting enough fruit and veg in your diet is essential for many of the key nutrients that keep us fit and healthy. You know you need to eat them. You know your kids need to eat them. But knowing something is right and feeling like doing it are two very different things, as we can all agree.

Take, for example, the humble potato. A great source of carbohydrates and other nutrients, the health benefits of eating enough potatoes are there for all to see. But take a quick straw poll about how excited people are to eat them. If that straw poll comes back saying “Meh”, then you’re in line with the national average. There are few foods less exciting, as versatile as the potato may be.

You can mash them! But unless you’re using a lot of butter and (pro tip here) some cheese, that’s a bit bland. You can roast them, but that’s tricky to do well, and not exactly convenient. You can bake them, but most of the toppings that make a baked potato great aren’t exactly healthy. So what’s an exciting and beneficial way to eat potatoes? And don’t say “chips”, it demeans us all.

Here are a few different ways to eat potatoes which can make them more exciting and give them a different taste. They’ll retain all the nutrients and provide something a little extra as a side dish or main meal.

Corned Beef Hash

2334379472_403696d087_bImage from Flickr

If you cannot eat beef or aren’t a fan of the corned variety, then it can be substituted with another meat or with hard-boiled eggs. It’s simple as anything to cook, too.

Dice the potatoes and then par-boil them for about ten to fifteen minutes, while heating a little oil in a frying pan. While the potatoes are boiling, dice the corned beef. Drain the potatoes and put them in the hot oil. When the potatoes are getting to a light golden brown, add the beef. Fry together for about five minutes, then season to taste.


Swiss in origin, the shredded and fried potato dish is a wonderful accompaniment to most meat dishes. It also makes a great breakfast food along with a fried egg and some bacon. Again, it’s a simple dish.

800px-RoestiImage from Wikipedia

Get out the Borner Shredder and grate those potatoes to a fine coarse texture. Wring the water out and season with salt and pepper, then form balls of shredded potato. Add a spoonful of duck fat to a hot frying pan, drop in a ball and flatten it with a spatula. Fry on both sides until golden brown. Devour.


potato-wedges-843311_1920Image from Pixabay

A popular fast food option, great for accompanying burgers and chili con carne. Heat some duck fat in a roasting pan in an oven set to 190 Celsius. Peel and slice the potatoes and cut into wedge shapes. Boil them for twenty minutes and spice with paprika and salt. Drain, and add to the roasting pan. Cook for 35-40 minutes and serve.

If you are looking for another little twist, all of the above can be cooked substituting sweet potatoes or butternut squash for the potato. Again, these are healthy, nutrient-packed foods and will make for a delicious meal.



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