Get Your Kids Moving More

We all know the importance of exercise, and this is even more crucial for children. Encouraging your child to exercise and move more sets them up for a healthy childhood and the rest of their life. 

Look Past The Usual Sports

Try dancing, horse-riding, rock climbing, martial arts, football matches and rugby tournaments, experiment with different ones will help them find an activity that they love. Be patient and prepared to try a few out! 

Include Their Friends

If your kid is an only child, or they are bored of playing with siblings, try to include their friends in the activities. They are much more willing to take part if there is a group of them, so invite others round and make a day of it. Start a football tournament or group game, but make sure the focus is on the activity rather than too much on winning. 

Set A Good Example

Your child will copy your habits and actions, so make sure you are leading by example. Exercise regularly and try to live a healthy lifestyle, and your children will pick up on it. Join in with activities and sports, as they are much more likely to enjoy it if it is seen as a family game than on their own.

Limit Technology

It is recommended that children only spend one or two hours a day looking at screens. But many children spend much longer than that watching tv, playing games and using the internet. Although it is difficult, try to encourage them to head outside rather than spend too long using technology. This doesn’t always need to be playing sports; walking the dog, playing at the park and outdoor games will all work. If you are really struggling to control screen time, remove tv’s and laptops from their bedrooms, and place in communal and living areas. This will allow you to monitor how much time they spend, and make it more difficult for them to sneak in anything extra. This may make you unpopular, but it will benefit them in the long run.

Establish A Routine

If you stick to your new exercise regime, your children will eventually pick up the habits. Make it a non-negotiable activity, similar to brushing teeth and washing hair. If they have these routines and habits instilled in them now, they will carry them into later life and live healthier.


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