Bento Week – Munchkin Bento Box

You know I’m not a big bento fan. I wrote a post and compared mealtime to Game of Thrones. However in the spirit of parenthood trend I decided to Bento for a week, this week might have been the most complicated ever. I had to seriously consider what I could make fish sticks into, and if my mature cheddar could indeed withstand some shaping (it can’t – too crumbly).

So here are my Bento efforts.

I was using a very lovely Bento Lunch Box from Munchkin.

I enjoyed making the Bento Lunch Boxes in this way but it did take a lot of time up. I have it on good authority you can however also fit a good ol’ cheese sandwich, grapes or other fruit slices and yoghurt in the little compartments and we all know that takes about 3 minutes – winner. So if you are not a blue pasta, puy lentils as garden dirt and noodle panda type the box is still going to work out for you.

(Yes that really is blue pasta from the anti-Bento lady.)

Here are some of the details about the box I’ve used:

Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set

  • Create healthy and fun meals for toddler when on the go at nursery, days out or visiting family
  • Keeps food separate and fresh
  • 8 piece set includes 2 smaller, removable compartments for fruit, veg, yoghurts or snacks
  • Includes a fork and spoon stored inside lid
  • Space on base to write child’s name
Little miss LOVED the box and still has her lunch out of it. Even at the kitchen table. 


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