Be Your Home’s Queen Of Organisation With These Simple Tricks

Is your home in chaos? Do you spend longer looking for things that it would actually take to clean up? Did you used to have a pet but you can’t find them under all that mess? And are you eating your breakfast with a fork out of a mug? If so, it may just be time for a bit of a tidy up. Read on to find out how you can sort that mess, conquer clutter and be the queen of the organisation in your own home.

Trick 1: Understand organisational principles


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You have to think of being organised as a bit by bit procedure. Yes, you can make big sweeping gestures, and clear out that wardrobe in one afternoon. But before you get on the phone to the skip hire company, remember that unless you have a plan, you will soon fall into messy and chaotic ways again.

True organisation isn’t about having everything on regimented lines, everything facing forward, with not a speck of dust on them. Its is more about having a place for everything, so when you use something it’s easy to put it back, and then find it again the next time.



Trick 2: If you haven’t used it in the last year you don’t need it.

One of the biggest problems in creating an organised home is that there is too much stuff in it in the first place. When there are too many items in the home its is hard to make a distinct spot for everything so, your system is going to fall down pretty quickly.

With that in mind take a quick visual scan of each room. Are there any major items that are taking up space, that you haven’t used in the last year, like trouser presses, or exercise bikes? If the answer is yes, then you can either move them to the garage or donate them to charity.

Remember, though, storing things in the garage is not an excuse to just transfer your clutter to another location. Only put items in the garage if you are unsure whether you will need them in the next year or not. Then once a year you can have a clear out, and if you haven’t used that item, off to the tip it goes!

Trick 3: Group similar items together

If your home is in a constant sense of chaos, it means that you are lacking in order. This can be confusing and frustrating when you are trying to find something.

The remedy to this is to store similar things together in one place. For example, you can store all of your art and craft supplies together. So even though you might not know exactly where your kid’s favourite pens are, you will know the rough location you can find them in.

This also works well in the kitchen cupboards with food. Store cooking ingredients like gravy granules, stock, herbs and oil in one cupboard. Then have a separate one for dried ingredients like pasta, rice, and couscous. Not only will this make is easy when you’re cooking. But it will also make unpacking the shopping way simpler too because you will know exactly where everything has to go.mess.jpg


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