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Back to school….

For us that means something different now.

We don’t get the nervous energy, we don’t get the crisp new uniforms. We don’t even have to visit Clarkes to buy a show they haven’t got in stock as we’ve left it too late.

We are home educators. We stay here (or go out). We have no uniforms, or tell tale signs of a ‘Back to School’.

So what am I going to do? What picture will convey this? Truth is, all of my pictures look as if they are playing, they do not look like school work pictures.

So then I thought about it a bit more, there is only one picture that fully captures going back to school for us. It’s not new, it’s certainly not pretty but it captures it for me.

This is a picture of my bloated, hormone riddled self  (very pregnant) on her very first day at school, before we went HE, this ladies and gentlemen is ‘Back to School’.

Bottom lip quivers.


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