Back To School NL!

This year has been a rollercoaster. Where we live in the Netherlands, the kiddos all went back the first few weeks of July after the initial ‘lockdown’. Some were full days (8-14.20), and others were 3 hours in the morning. It was different, but everyone quickly got used to it. What else is there to do? I mean, I have homeschooled before, but this wasn’t that. It was an odd balance, and I think we tackled it well.

Fast forward a few months:

Anyway, the girls are all back properly now and have been for a short while. In fact, they went back on the 17th of August. It took some last-minute prep to get ready, as we are always almost waiting for the news the schools are closing again.

M is start nursery now, he’s had a few induction mornings, and he will be going two days a week. I work from home and have done for the last 10 years or something. My husband, however, is new to it (not so much now after all these months). In fairness, the adjustment was almost nothing for me. In years previous, I had one in a nursery, one in school, one home educated and still worked from home.

But time moves on, and here we are—3 in school from 8.20/8.45 until 14.45/3.05pm 5 days a week. And M is about to start Monday and Wednesday in full days. Luckily I have around 47 plants to keep me occupied and work too.

The girls went to a Taal school from May-July ’19 in Enschede and finished off the language program when we moved to Almere. This is their first term in mainstream Dutch schools. They’ve done so well, and the one that thought she would struggle the most has flourished.

Eldest is in a Montessori school, and that is my first experience with this type of learning. She’s really taken with the relaxed style. In her other schools, she likes to work ahead of where she is supposed to be – which causes problems. A hard worker. She is just about to learn an instrument, and she was torn between guitar, keyboard, and piano. In the end, she went for the keyboard, which surprised me. I thought she might opt for guitar!

It’s been nice to have some quiet time while they’ve been in school. The first morning they were all in, we went for breakfast.

Might be my new favourite place. They have two options of an ontbijt (breakfast) menu. One is yoghurt, coffee, juice, and a croissant. The other is an omelette (it’s massive), coffee, juice, and a croissant. The orange juice is freshly made, and the coffee is excellent. I always opt for the yoghurt.

Someone is massive fan of their waffles too.

Also here is a song for you.

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