Baby Clothing From Pep&Co

Sometimes prices can be too low to be true. Like, a pair of cotton joggers for about £1.50. Then they wash like a bag of shit and fall apart, and I hate it.

Anyway, I picked up a few things for myself last summer from Pep&Co. And so far, they’ve all been great – washed plenty and worn a lot. So since Boy Baby has been born, I have been nipping in for a few bits and pieces since he grows at the rate of a weed in the garden.

There is literally very little point to this post, but I wanted to say LOOK AT THOSE YELLOW TROUSERS. I picked them up in sizes 9-12 months because Boy baby has long legs. They have been worn and washed really well. The green ones a just so cute.

I mean, who can resist some of these things? This fits in with our family so well. Ivy, Lily and P all wear so many superhero tops when we saw it it had to go in the basket. And, for that price? Bargains.

The pram shoes are so cute in there. This is his second pair now. His first ones had ‘milk monster’ on the bottom of them. They’re about as practical as a chocolate teapot. But I like them, so here we are.

So, if you are on a tight budget and you need to dress your growing sprout, check out your local Pep&Co for some YELLOW FUCKING TROUSERS.

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