Are you looking for an alternative to traditional braces?

A lot of people avoid having braces because they are worried about what they will look like and what other people will think. Especially as an adult, having braces can be a daunting prospect as it is seen as a more normal treatment to have whilst in your teenage years. This, however, is not the case, and it is becoming increasingly popular for adults to have braces.

If you want to get braces but have been putting it off because you are worried about feeling self-conscious,Invisalign in Harley Street could be the braces that you have been waiting for. They offer a completely discreet option when it comes to straightening your teeth and are just as efficient as metal ones.

A comfortable and reliable brace

A lot of people worry about the discomfort that comes hand in hand with wearing a brace. However, your alignersare custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth so you can barely notice that they are there. Made of a thin, clear plastic, the aligners are not easily noticeable to other people, but still achieve the same results as traditional metal braces.

The aligners are easy to take out, so when it comes to dinner time or you need to brush your teeth you can pop them out without any stress. You can eat with confidence too as you know that no food is able to get caught in your braces. Traditional braces can also sometimes cause plaque to build up around the brackets which is something that is avoided when using removable braces.

You will be given multiple sets of aligners that need to be worn in order. Your dental practitioner will provide you with several sets of aligners at once and you will be expected to change these yourself at home. Each set needs to be worn for around two weeks at a time. You will have regular check-ups with your practitioner around every six to eight weeks, and they will check that the treatment is working correctly and provide you with your next lot of aligners.

Visible results in weeks

The length of time that treatment can take varies between patients, as some cases are more severe than others and will therefore require more sets of aligners to correct their smile. However, as soon as you start to wear your aligners you will notice your teeth moving and straightening up. In a matter of weeks your friends and family are more likely to notice that your teeth look different, rather than that you have been wearing braces.

Whilst your aligners are removable, they must be worn for most of the day. Usually it is recommended to wear them for no less than twenty-two hours, as this ensures that your teeth are moving correctly and at the right pace. Not wearing your aligners could result in the treatment being lengthened or needing to be started from the beginning again. This treatment can be expensive too, so to avoid more cost it is important to wear your braces properly as soon as you have been given them.


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