An Average Quality Time Movie Night

We are big fans of spending time together. It might sound strange because surely most people are? Being in the same room is alright, but it isn’t really quality time. For example, as I am writing this, we are all in the same place but doing very separate things. So, Lily and I got to thinking. We’d like to share our perfect movie night with you.

It would most likely be a Friday, the perfect day to wind down after school and work all week. Where once upon a time we would’ve relied on channels 1-5 to provide us with a movie, and then Freeview we now have the options of NOW TV, Amazon or Netflix. Lily will mostly choose Amazon, it is easy to navigate and has her favourite movies on it.

We very rarely buy or rent movies anymore. Superhero movies always get pre-ordered as we all love them, and will undoubtedly watch them much more than once or twice. Her favourite film isn’t from that selection though. It used to be StarWars, she had a thing for the dark side and loved Darth Vader. (Not too different from her mother on that count).

But, for the last few years, Jack Skellington has been a prominent feature. Which is excellent, as I genuinely love this movie too. It’s the perfect time of year for it also.

Movie night and ‘junk’ night just happen to be on the same evening – go figure. Lily’s top picks for snacks are a four cheese pizza, chicken (though she’s current vegetarian), mozzarella sticks and no pudding. We are a family of 6, and 5 of us are more than happy to tuck in (one is still too small).

So without the hassle of choosing a movie, we can concentrate on getting into our comfy PJs and fluffiest socks. The hair buns are obligatory, and blankets are a necessity. We have a choice of hot chocolates. Cadbury powder or the Sweet Freedom Choc Shot, in orange or original.

I would like to say that it doesn’t all end in tears sometimes, that someone doesn’t kick someone else under a blanket, the hot chocolate doesn’t get spilled all over the floor. But, that would be a huge lie. For the most part, we sit, glued to the telly, with slightly greasy chins where the cheese has slid from the top of our pizzas.

Out perfect movie night is pretty basic, there are no bells and whistles – it’s just average, and ‘average’ is just perfect for us.



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