All About Divorce; Custody, Child Support And How A Prenup Protects What Is Yours.

Has trouble in paradise led to you and your spouse filing for divorce? On top of the emotional turmoil resulting from a failed marriage, there are plenty of other changes in your life that need your attention, including your children and property distribution.

The big questions have to be asked. How will our assets be distributed? Who gets custody of the children? And, how much is the monthly sum of child support and maintenance?

There is a lot of information to digest and several tough decisions that need to be made, some of which you and your soon-to-be ex-partner might not agree on, resulting in a tedious divorce that prevents the two of you from moving on with your lives.

It is in your interest to hire a divorce solicitor in London to make the process of divorcing as seamless and non-confrontational as possible.

Child arrangements, custody and child support

Divorce is an emotional time, and the thought of losing your children is a frightening reality.

That said, decisions made must be made in a manner that protects your offspring and allows them as much stability as possible despite their parents no longer living together. Ideally custody should be shared where the child or children live with both sets of parents. The time does not have to be split down the middle, but it should be fair in that both parents see their children as often as possible.

If one parent cannot take care of the children, resulting in the need for there to be a primary caregiver providing most of the support, that parent must pay child support.  This contributes toward monthly expenses, including food, schooling and healthcare.

The above definition outlines physical custody, which is a divorce term that is separate from legal custody. Physical custody dictates where the children live and with whom, whereas legal custody embody the rights a parent has in the decision-making for his or her child. An unfit parent forfeits these rights and does not have a say in their offspring’s future.


Division of assets and marital agreements

No one likes thinking about divorce when they get married. There is nothing romantic about it.

A prenup specifies how property will be divided in advance. Signing a prenuptial agreement before you tie the knot could potentially save you from a messy and drawn-out divorce fighting over the ownership of assets, down to the last piece of china.

In the past, people saw prenups as something reserved for the wealthy. Nowadays, people with modest financial history seek out a prenup to salvage assets in a divorce, while at the same time, receive protection from their partner’s debt during married life.


Mediation: a tool for effective communication

Generally, divorce is not as it is portrayed in the movies involving emotionally taxing trials.

Being able to sort out your differences amongst yourselves is recommended, rather than a lengthy and expensive time in court, where you might not get what you bargained for.

If you and your estranged spouse cannot get along, inquire with your divorce solicitor in London about mediation.

Mediation has proven to be a successful tool for communication, helping couples who do not see eye-to-eye come to decisions that they are both satisfied with.

Are you getting divorced? Get through the minefield that comes with decoupling using a lawyer.


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