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The weekend just gone was one of the first where the sun has made an appearance in a while. We were looking forward to getting started on growing and clearing some household cobwebs.

A grand plan was in place. We would get a skip, clear the girls rooms and redecorate – in two days. Then we would pot up all of our veggies and herbs, set up a mini greenhouse and find time to relax too. Easy!


The skip arrived on Friday afternoon, ready for our weekend of playing 60 minute makeover. We headed to B&M Home Stores at 8.30am on Saturday to pick up paint and other DIY items for our weekend.

We wanted to freshen up the woodwork and let the girls pick their own wall colour. They opted for Raspberry Twist – Johnstone’s, and for the doors I liked Proud Peacock – Dulux. The walls have recently been refreshed white again. It has been a few years and little hands leave tidemarks. The house is old, and has a lot of character, high ceilings and ageing wood. I like it that way. The red quarry tile in the hall way, and the shape of the outhouses don’t really make sense but I really do love it.

The white of the walls, the blue of the doors and the pink that the girls chose, make the upstairs a really bright happy space. 

The gloss on the doors catches the light from across the landing at different points and so each door looks a slightly different shade. So that was that accomplished.


We spent some time potting up all of our seeds this weekend. Some for our mini greenhouse, some for outside in the garden and others we purchased as bare-root and planted a few weeks ago. The bare-root have started to bud now, so that was something that made our weekend extra cool. We did wonder with the snow and no greenhouse would we have some trouble with them, but in the end we took them inside for a few days to be safe. That paid off! In case you are serious about indoor gardening you should invest in proper lighting if you don’t have enough light for your plants or vegetables.

I also spent some time over the weekend looking for bargains online, specifically I was hoping to find some garden furniture, my search took me to Groupon – and I now have a wishlist of things I want to add… but that’s for another weekend.

Our blueberry bushes are starting to bud and produce leaves. It is really exciting to think in the summer we will have our own fruits. We also have Strawberries, Gooseberries, Raspberries and a few others. 

In totally we potted 55 new veggies and herbs in various pots around the garden.

This home & garden post is collaborative. 


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