A Weekend Well Spent – Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend started a little bit early. The school broke up on Thursday, and it was all go straight away. First stop was Jelly Invaders at The Sealife Centre Birmingham.

It was really good, we couldn’t believe how different the area was. The blue lights and jelly fish shapes flashing around the room are really cool, P got to speak to an expert about different species of Jelly Fish and we learned that there is an immortal Jelly Fish! The girls were treated to cupcakes and juice, and a peek at the Piranha Tunnel too. We love the Sealife Centre, and it was lovely to start the Easter Holidays off with something we don’t do too often.

We all had a fabulous time but by 6.45pm we were hungry bunnies!


We headed to Rub on Broad street. We first went to Rub a few years ago, and really loved the burnt ends and white BBQ sauce, and of course the portion sizes. Having been back a few times we liked the food and drinks available. They’ve recently introduced a new menu so we popped along to try it out. I don’t personally love the new menu, but there is something for almost everyone. The kids meals are still brilliant value and the deserts are fantastic. Their hot drinks have been cut right back since the last time we went too – so we will probably head elsewhere next time.

Chocolate Eggs

Husband woke up nice and early and played the Easter Bunny this year. He hid approx 60 hollow chocolate eggs all over the living room. The girls had a great time finding them, and I have no idea just how long it will take to eat them all.


This one is short and sweet, I am addicted to The Good Wife. Not sure what I will watch after this.


Poppet, Mo Hayder – it is incredibly creepy! Well written and draws you in very quickly. I read it in short bursts at the moment, because my nightmares are overwhelming when I’m pregnant.


Comfortably into week 18/19 now. Trousers don’t fit quite right, I can no longer lay on my stomach at night (yes, I know it’s bad for you anyway). The HG is but a memory now, I no longer need my medication multiple times a day, it seems like a lifetime ago. However, it means that weeks 16/17/18 have been like the first few weeks of pregnancy. The excitement of being pregnant is only just now a thing I am allowing myself to have. The 20 week scan will be here in a matter of days – even more exciting.


I have made some decision over this weekend, ones that will change the course of my year – for that I am very excited and I do hope to share more about that in the next few months.

*We were invited along to Sealife Centre to see Jelly Invaders 


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