A Weekend of Doing Nothing, is Sometimes Everything.

I don’t know about you, but lately, it seems like every weekend is filled with people and busyness. While sometimes it is excellent other times it is a bit blah. Weekdays are filled with school, after-school club, chores, work and other general life things and weekends have become this tiny squashed spaces where we have to fit in everything else.

Alongside my very occasional blogging, I am a freelance writer. I vary between having loads of work, to having the ‘usual’ amount and I like it. Often I find myself on a Friday evening waiting for the last few hundred words to be sent off to their new owner and my brain switches into ‘relax’ mode. That isn’t to say I don’t find time relax in the week, but there is only so long you have to unwind between school runs, wrapping up work, cooking and eating dinner, evening clean and bedtime.

The weekend we’ve just had, we had zero plans. None. Not a dickybird. And it was glorious. We washed loads of clothes, we talked about getting a couple of bits of play furniture for the garden. The girls played for most of the weekend in the yard. Although I did end up in bed for almost all of Sunday with a cold, it was still quite lovely. We watched the Eurovision, ate a huge breakfast, did our weekly shop, talked utter rubbish and generally hung out. Between chores and chilling the time spent was ideal.

I have learned a lot lately, because of writing endless reams of content, I spend a few hours per day on research. Anything from cryptocurrency to mindful ways to work from home, a side effect from spending so much time on other peoples content is, you spend much less time on your own social channels. Less time fretting about if you have enough readers on your own blog, less time scrolling through Instagram, and a fuck load less time bothering your arse over the lives of others.

I have however found a renewed love for bloggers I started reading way back when. Here would be a good time to plug them, but, no. Instead, I am going to finish this post about nothing in particular, and go and make some fajitas.


Also, judge me not by my writing on my own blog, here is a place I can freely make mistakes and care that little bit less.

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