A week of change

Ivy has made so many changes this week it’s been difficult to keep up. She has two tiny pearly teeth poking through her bottom gum. She’s been rolling for a while but this week we are more accomplished and can pull ourselves successfully across a room.

She now also tucks her knees up in order to get further faster – it’s just a matter of time before the crawl appears.

She can feel her teeth now too. She slides her chubby fingers over them and pokes them with her little tongue. I’ve been giving her cutlery to play with, and she bites down on the spoon and pulls it. She also tried to give me a nipple piercing during a feed. It’s all new and wonderful to her and it’s endlessly fascinating to watch.

She sat the other day wiggling her fingers and touching her hands. The wonder on her face was beautiful. But these moments are so fleeting I wonder how I’d feel if I was only on maternity leave and knew I’d miss what was coming.

While lying down she pulls with all the might her tiny muscles will allow to try and sit up, staring intently at whatever object it is that has given her this need.

The sleeping has changed, I knew it would. She falls into a deep sleep around the same time the girls do, and I’m not ready to sleep then. So now she is spending a little longer in the cot and less time in my arms through the night. With her moving so much and we don’t have a bedside attached cot it’s not safe to leave her on my bed any longer. When she wakes between 3-4 I’m more than ready to feel the weight of her, sniff her fluffy hair and drift off back to sleep.

For the first time this week I heard her unique laugh. If you could bottle happiness that is what it would sounds like.

If I could show you happiness, this is what it looks like.


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