A Sunny Garden Is A Sweet Place!

Every time you get out in the garden when the skies are clear and the sun is out, instead of peeking from behind the clouds, is a time we know we can always enjoy. And this is especially true if you’ve got a family to share the space with! So now’s the time of year to get out and about in your slice of outdoor heaven: here’s some of the best activities to make sure everyone in the family enjoys themselves when it comes to leaving the safety of their darkened, cool room, and keep them coming back for a healthier lifestyle.



Climb Trees

Sure, you might think your knees will never get up and down that trunk, but when you’re wearing a good pair of shoes and have some loose trousers on, you can make a good go of it alongside your kids. Not to mention, when you’re supervising an activity you’d usually tell a little one off for, it’s going to be a lot safer when it comes to sating childhood curiosity.


Water the Plants Together

Yes, this is more of a garden chore, but it’s still something that can be done outdoors as a family. It helps to instill a sense of responsibility in children, and there’s a lot of concentration needed when it comes to holding a full can of water without spilling anything!

Catch Butterflies

When there’s a lot of pretty butterflies in the air for the kids to marvel out, it’s time to get a net that’s very well made to gently capture one in. You can let it go once you’re done looking at it, or even drawing it, and there’ll be no harm done whatsoever.


Decorate a Den Together

Decorating a den as a family means a lot of love and happiness went into a project together, and it instantly removes the sense of exclusivity about having a secret hideout for both kids and adults alike. Sure you can still have a password to make sure no one gets in when they’re not meant to, and stick to this rule like glue to make sure it stays such a happy place! But when you have an adult’s input on an otherwise ramshackle idea, the den can be good for more than secret tea parties!

If you want, even look into bigger sheds in the form of timber stables for sale, and then get to decorating on the inside. You can drape blankets or sheets over the ceiling, have a rug on the floor to make it a little more cozy (wood interiors always have that echoey feeling about them!), and have walkie talkies to communicate with your kids when they’re hiding out and you need them in for dinner! Hang up some fairy lights connected to an outdoor plug socket, or get something battery operated if you’re not the technical kind of person, and then sit out in the evening under the blue glow.


Use the sun to create a happy garden!



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