5 Types of Home Extension to Consider

If you feel like you are lacking space in your home but you don’t really want to move, an extension could be the ideal solution to your problems. Of course, before you settle on this decision, you need to work out what kind of extension you would like. This will be based on how much space you have to work with, your budget, and what you are intending on using the space for. So, to help you make this decision, we will run through five of the main types of home extension which people tend to have.


Single Storey Side or Rear Extension

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but this type of extension only takes up a single storey and tends to be at the side or rear of the property. These are a popular way of opening up the house and connecting it with the garden. If you install bifold doors, you can really bring the outdoors in. Whether you choose a pitched or a flat roof depends on the design of the house and if you need access to it for maintenance purposes.

Double or Multi Storey Extension

This choice gives you the option to extend your existing rooms or even create entirely new ones depending on what you are looking for. Be warned that planning permission is often more difficult to obtain and you need to think about how the extension will impact neighbouring properties. The design of the new part of the house needs to match the existing property and fit in with the character of the neighbourhood.


Garage Conversion

For many households, garages are no longer really needed to store cars. They are often a place where junk tends to accumulate which makes them perfect to convert into something more useful. Your decision of what to do with the space may rest on whether the garage is attached or detached from the rest of the house. Some of the popular uses include as home offices, kitchen extensions, home gyms or extra living rooms.


Outbuilding or Conservatory      

For people who are looking to enjoy their garden even during the colder months, creating an outbuilding or conservatory is the ideal solution. Again, you need to think about choosing a style that fits in with the rest of the property, so take a look at Visual Conservatories for some inspiration. Obviously, you need to have a big enough garden in the first place so you are not cutting into is too much


Loft or Basement Conversion

The beauty of a loft or basement conversion is that you are not needing to take up any additional space – you are simply making the most of what you have already. As such, these tend to be more affordable options compared to the ones we have already talked about.

After reading through these five popular extension options, you may have settled on one which you think is right for you. Of course, an extension is a big job, but the extra space you create makes it worthwhile for many people.  


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