5 Tips for Saving Money

Post Christmas, a lot of people start really considering their finances for the following year. Looking at the best ways to save money on the weekly shop, utilities, and insurance.


5 Tips for Saving Money

Here are 5 Tips for Saving Money:

  • Surf the web for online deal checking websites. Whether it is cheap beers and wine, cheap food or deals on washing powder you can be sure to find big deals online. If you sign up you can get the best deals delivered to your inbox to be sure you never miss out on a bargain. Places like DealsDaddy also have a fabulous and quick search function for discount codes.
  • Look at what you are spending on take-away food, eating out at restaurants, even that coffee you sometimes grab at lunch time. Those small amounts add up to big savings. You can download an app to keep you on track, often visual representation of what you are saving can spur you on to save even more.
  • Check what saving options you have with your bank. Could you afford to put a little aside each week or month? Check out some comparison sites like MoneySuperMarket.com to see if you are getting the best banking deal. After that, check out saving plans like an ISA, Cleo (automatic savings, instant access) and depending on how much you have to put away – Fixed Rate Bonds.
  • Things like gas and electric can vary hugely by supplier, it is really worth looking at your quarterly or yearly spend, and comparing it to other companies. Comparethemarket.com is great for running a quick check and seeing what you could be banking per year. You can also use the same website to check your insurance too.
  • Meal planning and sizing down on groceries. You might be spending much more than you need to on your weekly shop. Swapping from brand name items to basics, and having a meal plan for each week will reduce your food waste. Those changes will reduce the amount you are spending per shop, without effort.

So there you have it, 5 tips for saving money in your day-to-day life. If you have any more tips you’d add please feel free to sound off below in the comment box.

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