5 Ingredient Vegan Summer Breakfast Bowl

I have been on a plant-based ‘diet’ for around 3 months now, and one of my ultimate breakfast is only 5 ingredients and fills me up till lunch. I was aware of the fact it’s so easy to slip into a carb trap when you swap your diet around, so I have been actively avoiding carb heavy breakfasts and instead looking to get energy from fruit and nuts.


It’s sweet without needing to add any syrups or sugars, it’s crunchy thanks to the tasty Californian Walnuts and my chosen brand of oats.

 Vegan Summer Breakfast Bowl

Alpro Simply Plain (or other alternative yoghurt style product)
Handful of Walnuts
Whatever your chosen brand of oats or granola is
Chopped Strawberries
2 passion fruits

And we are done! Wasn’t that simple? Here are a few reasons to fall in love with walnuts and make them a staple in your diet.

  • Great for energy (get your mornings off to the best start)
  • Heart Healthy
  • Support Brain Function (I think we all need a little help there)
  • Great for Skin and Nails

*California Walnuts supplied the walnuts used in the recipe.

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